Not Your Daddy’s Shakespeare: Come See One of Our Own

Come support one of our own! Joshua Krauskopf, a former Schmoozle coordinator who is now a B’yachad co-coordinator, will be performing Jan. 27 – Jan. 30 in a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s

Our own Josh K. (sitting) performs in January with a new theater group.

The Merry Wives of Windsor” along with his “loosely-banded acting troupe of friends.” All performances are at 7:30 pm at the Perpich Center for Arts Education. Tickets are only $5! (It’s all about making theater accessible and affordable for the masses.) To reserve tickets, call: 763-634-8150.

About the play: The notorious Sir John Falstaff steps out of the world of court life to take up residence in the country town of Windsor. There he attempts to take advantage of his own celebrity by seducing two happily married wives. But once the wives (and their husbands) find out the game that’s afoot, Shakespeare’s fat knight may find the last laugh to be on him. This sunny comedy is awash with wit, deception, and the fun to be had when one of literature’s most beloved larger-than-life personalities makes the mistake of underestimating small-town folk.

B’yachad: Let’s go together! Look for details of a Thu. Jan. 28 dinner, theater and dessert outing in future e-blasts.

Note: If you’re a JSC member performing or exhibiting any work, let us know so that we can acknowledge your talent as well.

JSC Bowled a Strike for Charity

Nearly 40 members of the Jewish Singles Collaborative braved slushy roads to come out on a snowy Christmas Eve to bowl with friends and donate to charity. More than half the attendees at the Park Tavern event were walk-ins – guess they decided the weather was not as bad as predicted.

We “scored” 229 rolls of toilet paper (!!), 11 rolls of paper towels and an assortment of diapers, hygiene items and some food to donate to STEP, which responds to the emergency housing, food, clothing and other needs of St. Louis Park residents. Several JSC members also walked away with some cool door prizes. Fun was had by all. – Jewish Singles Collaborative.

Note: Proceeds from the bowling event will be used to help buy food for the displaced people at “Our Saviour’s Shelter,” where Chaverim will be serving dinner Mon. January 11. If you’d like to join Chaverim for its “Itza Mitzvah” event, look for details in the upcoming JSC e-blast.

The Art of Flirting

by Sheree R. Curry, B’yachad member

Face it. Sometimes you have thought someone was flirting with you and they weren’t. Other times someone was flirting, but you didn’t pick up on the clues. Perhaps you’ve even done the flirting, but just didn’t get noticed. Learn the art of flirting so that you are reading cues as effectively as you exude them. Here are 5 tips on flirting naturally.

Initiate conversation. And keep it flowing, but keep it simple and light while trying to find common interests. Use your own interests as guidelines (after all you want to know if you’re compatible). Just don’t talk too much about yourself (but do answer questions when you’re asked. Being elusive implies you’re hiding something). If you share a common interest, the conversation will flow naturally. If nothing else, talk about your surroundings, but don’t be overly critical of your environment (the food, the service, the way others are dressed, etc.)

Keep them talking. Avoid questions that can be answered with a yes or no response. Instead, pepper your talk with “why” and “how” questions. Avoid talking politics on the first date (unless you met at a political campaign). Also, don’t speak on any depressing topics and don’t discuss your problems, past, present or future or imagined! No one wants to begin a relationship with someone who appears to unstable, needy or loaded with baggage.

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What Do Salmon, Potatoes, Pasta and Homemade Challah Have in Common?

A Jewish Potluck. B’yachad, the Jewish singles group for 30- to 49-year-olds, hosted a very successful potluck in Golden Valley on December 6, 2009. The gathering had an equal number of men and women. All participants brought yummy dishes, including homemade cake, pasta salad and quiche.

One participant walked away with a $5 gift certificate to the Olive Garden for “Best Dish” for her roasted potatoes and veggies. Other drawing prizes included another $5 gift certificate and a $10 gift card to Cub Foods.

Dreidels were also on hand for those who wanted to spin a few, but frankly, the conversation was flowing so well, the group didn’t spend too much time on other games. blog

Were you at the potluck? Feel free to leave a comment letting others know about your experience. If you weren’t there, but wish you had been, feel free to let us know that, as well.

15 “DON’Ts” On Your First Date

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. So… don’t blow it. Instead, follow these 15 Things Not To Do On – or – Before A First Date, from matchmaking coach Paula Sparks.

  • You’re on a first date…. MUST you answer that cell phone????
  • Don’t discuss your health, your surgery, your stent, your diagnoses, your meds, your type II diabetes, or even your good cholesterol.
  • Don’t tell your date you’re planning to move out of town because you’re not meeting anyone here. It just makes your date feel bad. (Duh!)

For the rest of the tips, click Continue >>

— by Paula Sparks, Sparks Matchmaking

Have you had a bad dating experience? Leave a comment telling us what happened, just don’t use the name of your date! Blog

Supporting Talmud Torah Pays off to the Tune of $1,500

David Feiller and Curious George at Barnes & Noble, Minnetonka

B'yachad member David Feiller met Curious George during Talmud Torah's Book Fair fundraiser at Barnes & Noble, Minnetonka on Nov. 19. B'yachad members volunteered to do gift-wrapping that day from 6 pm - 9 pm.

Members of B’yachad gathered for the book fair at Barnes & Noble, Minnetonka Nov. 19, 2009 to volunteer gift-wrapping consumer purchases from 6 pm – 9 pm. A percentage of all sales that day went to Talmud Torah of Minneapolis. The after-school religious school made $1,500 from the sales and from donations to the tip jar at the gift-wrapping station. Read More >>

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Single Jewish Parents Look to Form Chavera

Being single does not necessarily mean one is without children. Some single parents across the Twin Cities Jewish community are looking to get together on occasion. If you’re a single parent and might considering meeting up with other single Jewish parents, read more >>

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B’yachad at Applebee’s

We had a minyan at Applebees! 10 people total came to schmooze and just get to know one another while the Vikings played on the screen in the background. We had some faces that we had not seen at B'Yachad in quite a while. It was nice to have everyone together.

More pictures from the event >>

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