The Art of Flirting

by Sheree R. Curry, B’yachad member

Face it. Sometimes you have thought someone was flirting with you and they weren’t. Other times someone was flirting, but you didn’t pick up on the clues. Perhaps you’ve even done the flirting, but just didn’t get noticed. Learn the art of flirting so that you are reading cues as effectively as you exude them. Here are 5 tips on flirting naturally.

Initiate conversation. And keep it flowing, but keep it simple and light while trying to find common interests. Use your own interests as guidelines (after all you want to know if you’re compatible). Just don’t talk too much about yourself (but do answer questions when you’re asked. Being elusive implies you’re hiding something). If you share a common interest, the conversation will flow naturally. If nothing else, talk about your surroundings, but don’t be overly critical of your environment (the food, the service, the way others are dressed, etc.)

Keep them talking. Avoid questions that can be answered with a yes or no response. Instead, pepper your talk with “why” and “how” questions. Avoid talking politics on the first date (unless you met at a political campaign). Also, don’t speak on any depressing topics and don’t discuss your problems, past, present or future or imagined! No one wants to begin a relationship with someone who appears to unstable, needy or loaded with baggage.

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