This blog is operated by The Jewish Singles Collaborative (JSC), which is THE Jewish singles group in the Twin Cities; the touch point for Jewish singles in the Twin Cities.

The blog is a place where all Jewish Singles in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area can share thoughts on events, the dating scene, Jewish interests, photos and topics du jour.

We hope that this forum will be another way to help you all get to know one another just a little bit better.

Just please be respectful of anyone and everyone in the community. Bashing will not be tolerated.

Submissions & comments: To comment on any posting, simply enter your message in the comments field after each entry. There may be a posting delay while coordinators approve your comment. To write main entries, submit photos from your JSC event, or to become a regular blogger, simply email us (jewishsinglescollaborative@gmail.com) or just submit your posting via comment for our review. We welcome and encourage group participation.


The JSC is an independent, volunteer-managed organization. We collaborate with other Jewish organizations in the community, and we seek out and embrace the support of Jewish organizations and local synagogues.

JSCThe goal of the Jewish Singles Collaborative is to foster an inclusive environment within the Jewish community for singles. Within this environment, singles can get to know each other on an informal basis and build friendships and relationships that lead to greater access to, and an increased involvement with, the organized Jewish community. To further this aim, the Jewish Singles Collaborative provides advocacy for singles within the community, coordinates and publicizes programs, identifies unmet needs and builds on the diversity of programming presently offered.

To learn more about us, browse through our Web site, http://www.jewishsinglescollaborative.org, or contact us today! The JSC Coordinators can be reached by email at jewishsinglescollaborative@gmail.com.


Your JSC Coordinators
Cindy and Lisa


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