What Do Salmon, Potatoes, Pasta and Homemade Challah Have in Common?

A Jewish Potluck. B’yachad, the Jewish singles group for 30- to 49-year-olds, hosted a very successful potluck in Golden Valley on December 6, 2009. The gathering had an equal number of men and women. All participants brought yummy dishes, including homemade cake, pasta salad and quiche.

One participant walked away with a $5 gift certificate to the Olive Garden for “Best Dish” for her roasted potatoes and veggies. Other drawing prizes included another $5 gift certificate and a $10 gift card to Cub Foods.

Dreidels were also on hand for those who wanted to spin a few, but frankly, the conversation was flowing so well, the group didn’t spend too much time on other games.

JewishSinglesCollaborative.org blog

Were you at the potluck? Feel free to leave a comment letting others know about your experience. If you weren’t there, but wish you had been, feel free to let us know that, as well.



  1. What a neat idea to create a blog for the JSC groups.

  2. It was lots of fun – great conversation.

  3. Good food, great conversation and lots of laughing: what more could you ask for from an event? It was a nice relaxed atmosphere with a fun group of people.

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